Thursday, October 29, 2015


  I thought I'd let you know what this site is going to be about. We have spent many years learning to slow down a little. Neither one of us is young anymore so we have had to adjust our lifestyle to fit what we can or cannot do on our property. Gone is the 1400 sq. foot garden, now one half that size with raised beds is more than enough. We have a very small orchard, an empty chicken coop (wild dogs) that will be re- stocked in the spring. I can, dry, ferment, quilt, brew wine, make liquor, reuse, recycle, make due. We have a full pantry, full freezers & supplies to make it thru any zombie  apocalypse, social breakdown, winter storm or hard times. Small scale is what we do. For us there is no reason to make 6 gal of mead or wine anymore. I can make a gal. at a time. Not everything has to be done on a large scale to live a simple lifestyle.

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