Thursday, November 26, 2015

I Am Thankful

      It's very easy to forget on a daily basis why we need to be thankful. Everyone is always rushed & pulled five different ways. This morning while  my Family is sleeping I want to tell you what & who I am thankful for.
     First, without a doubt - My Husband. He chose to go on this roller coaster ride with me almost 25 years ago & has never let me down. He is my "Once In A Blue Moon".
     Then we have Little Chicken Chick - Our reason for life. The one that keeps me on my old toes & either keeps me young or wears me out depending on the day. A lot of days it's both.
     My Parents
     My Mother -In -Law (yes, you read that right)
     Last, but not least my BFF ( she knows who she is) We have been best friends for almost 35 years. We went for a long time not seeing each other but when I needed her most she was there & has not left my side. I don't tell her enough how much I love her, so I am saying it now. I trust this Woman with my life.
     A warm, dry  home. A garden to grow our own food, & the knowledge to do it & knowing that if we need to we can pretty well take care of ourselves.
     I have spent alot of time resting the last week & seem to be getting stronger & have had time to think. Tell  or show the ones that you love that you do. You never know when it will be the last time. Be kinder - To yourself & everyone else. Everyone needs to chill out a bit. Happy Thanksgiving.

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