Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3rd 2015

       The sun is out, it's 50* & it's quiet for the moment here. I've been mega cooking the last few days. I have surgery coming up & I need to make sure that there are plenty of meals ready that we can just pop in the oven or crockpot. I always buy in bulk so cooking  15# of chicken or making 5 meatloaf's is not a big deal. I also made lasagna, chicken pot pie, twice baked potatoes, breakfast casserole, pancackes, waffles,& breakfast sandwiches. Now, when I don't feel like cooking I can thaw something out & have a meal ready.
         I always feel relief this time of year. There will not be so many outside chores & my focus can shift to getting things done in the house. Canning season is done. But there always sewing, housework or baking to do. Oh & the laundry. It never seems to go away. I feel like we live out of the basket.
         I have been in a rush for the last month getting things done so I can take some time off to recoop. I'm always thinking at least one season ahead, sometimes two.....

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