Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Old Ways vs Technology

   I am a firm believer that the old ways are the best & we'd be much better off as a society if more people knew how to take care of themselves, but I must admit I do have a love/hate thing going on with technology. I spent most of yesterday getting Windows 10 on the computers. From the reports I had heard there were issues. I really didn't have too many problems, except one of my software programs that was only 3 years old won't work with it & so you have to buy the newest version. A money maker to be sure.
  As the Mom of a young child I really try to keep up with all of this, but the problem is that I am close to retirement age & so I don't always understand what all the new terminology means. I was not born in the time of computers or smart phones & have no idea what in the world a Gateway is so telling me to reboot it sends me into a panic.
  I use to be into Social Media, but it lost it's charm awhile back. People can be very hateful when they know they can sit in their jammies & give an opinion. Also, when did we start to abbreviate everything? For the love of  Pete - the word people is not spelled ppl. How are we suppose to teach Children the real spelling of words if they never see them?
  The real issue is finding a middle ground with all of this. I do like the ease of finding information or connecting with someone who has the same interest, but sometimes I need to reboot  myself & make a batch of wine or wash laundry in a bucket with a plunger or get my hands dirty in the garden. Fresh air & sunshine are much more interesting than finding out what Kim Kardashan did last night. It's time to get a grip.