Friday, February 5, 2016

Rethinking My Long Term Food Storage

   During this unusual warm spell I have been continuing my cleaning spree. We have only one room with carpet & today I am going to drag out the shampooer & get to work.
   A few days ago I started sorting my pantry supplies. I am very lucky to have two pantries, one in the basement & one in my kitchen. The one downstairs was needing some real work. I have alot of food in 5 gal buckets & it's not very organized. Things have gotten a bit out of hand . I had buckets on top of others & they were back in a corner. When I opened them I discovered that the rice was bad & there were 50* of pinto beans that had been stored since 1997 & had been forgotten about so more had been bought. I really got to work on getting some order to what is our food supply. Some things got thrown out, others put in glass jars so I can see them clearly on the shelves. I'm not going to store such mass amounts from now on. I can still be stocked up, but not have 50* & more of some things. One item I will continue to store alot of is water. If you are on a well when the elect. goes out there is no pump working. If my Husband is not here to get the generator going there is no water. I keep at least 100 gal. on hand. I must say, I do enjoy a flushing toilet! I emptied out 8 5gal. buckets of food & refilled them with water.
   We are not a wasteful Family so throwing out food was a hard thing for me to do, but for some reason I went thru a time of not making sure that my food storage was done right & now I am paying for it. Live & learn.

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