Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Post Surgery For Hubby

Hubby is home from surgery #2 in 2 mts. Mine was in Nov. & believe me, we can't wait till spring. We are both on the mend & hoping that we will have more energy than we did this last year. Getting older does have it's perks, but mostly it's a pain. Being so active & then not being able to keep up is very hard & it will quickly remind you that you are no longer a spring chicken. I hope by this weekend I can get out & start getting the garden ready. These warm days that we have had are making me ready to dig in the dirt. I am also going to try something new this year. I actually bought a kit to make wine. I have made wine for years, but never from a kit. I'll post the progress as I go along. It will still only come out to about $3 a bottle. I will try to get it started in a week or two.

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