Monday, March 28, 2016

Re-Using, Just Because I Can

     Today I marked off another to do item. Chicken Chick got a beautiful chandelier from one of her Grandmother's for her Birthday last year. It has been sitting for 6 months waiting to be hung, but us unwell old folks never got around to it.
     After looking around in our attic I found an old floor lamp from the 40's that I hadn't used in years. It was one of those with a milk glass shade around a big bulb in the center & three smaller bulbs around it. I had made a cloth shade for it & it sat in out front room for a few years. As with most other things it at some point  it ended up being put upstairs.
  I had an idea if I took it apart, undid all the wiring & tweaked it a bit it might be able to be the base to the chandelier.
    When my Husband see's me dragging an armload of stuff out to the shop he knows it's time to drop what he's doing (he's really good at this) & let me tell him my vision. With a little work we had it figured out.
 The shade went on one of my ceiling fans & the light sockets will be rewired & fitted with Edison bulbs & made into a table lamp. I'll figure out something to do with the milk glass shade someday. Now, finally, when Chicken Chick gets home from school she'll see her lamp & finally be able to use it. Now I'm in the mood to create something else. Going to go dig in the attic. I better warn Jim that he's going to have to clear me a spot in the shop that I can work in.

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