Friday, April 29, 2016

The Annual Book Sale

    In our home we celebrate the usual Holidays, with Thanksgiving being a favorite, but Chicken Chick & I have a new one to look forward to. We have decided that the first day of our annual book sale  will now be one of our cherished holidays.
    I let her play hookey from school since this was the first time I took her on the first day. It's a 5 day event. She had her bags ready & was so excited. She had money that her Grandma & Poppi sent her. She waited in line outside for 20 complaining.....a first!
   We got in & went strait to the children's section. She's in to early readers so I went thru those while she got whatever she wanted. Our shopping cart was filling fast.Then came games & puzzles.
   Finally we got to start looking for books for me. It's funny how over the years what I look for at the sale has changed. One year it was gardening  & preschooler books. The  next year it was homesteading & homeschooling. This year early readers & historical fiction.
   I get my love of books from my Mother & it is getting passed on to my own child. We are the proud owners of hundreds of books. We have run out of bookshelves more than once. I have actually started re- reading books I read 30-40 years ago so you'd think I wouldn't need anymore, but I believe you can never have enough to read.
   In the fall they will have the sale again. There is no telling what we will come home with. It might be cookbooks this time. You never know with us.

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