Friday, April 8, 2016

Trying New Food & Knowing Where It Comes From

  My 6 yr old is an adventurous soul when it comes to food. Ever since she was small I have told her to try a new food once. If she didn't like it she could spit it out. To her a trip to the garden in her PJ's is breakfast. When she was small we had to keep a close eye on what she'd pick. I'd hear " Mommy, these are pretty" as she was pulling a hot pepper off & putting it in her basket next to the strawberries that she just picked. A little dirt has not kept her from eating something, but as she's gotten a little older she is becoming better about cleaning things off.
  This year she wants to grow broccoli, eggplant ( Mom, how is there an egg in this plant?), swiss chard (it's pretty, I bet it taste good) & grape tomatoes. I have an area just for her to experiment  with her plants. Even at her age she is interested in where her food comes from.
  One of my goals is to teach her how to garden & preserve food. I hope that long after I'm gone she will remember our time in the garden & have the skills to take care of her own Family.
  All Children need at least a plant or two to take care of. Find an old flowerpot & let them grow something that they can watch grow. They'll never forget & it will hopefully be the start of their garden experience for life.

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