Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Completely Off Topic, I'm Going To Choose My Words Wisely

   I try to stay out of politics,actually I think they are all a bunch of idiots, but there is one thing that has happened lately that has me mad, baffled & very concerned. Now is when I will try to choose my words for fear this could become a raving blog post.
   Is it not bad enough that people who have "gender identity" issues can use the restroom of their choice, but now the Government is telling states that they will not get money for education if  school age transgender children are not allowed to use the restroom of their choice?
   Ok, here's where the rant begins. I do not care what people do in the privacy of their own homes as long as its between two adults who want to be there. If you want wear the clothes of another gender, go for it. If you want to swing from the rafters, enjoy. If you want to announce your sexual identity around my child, then we have a problem. Why are everyone else's issues becoming our's?
   For some reason it has become vogue to announce your sexual likes. I have never seen a parade for
monogamous heterosexuals. We don't feel the need to expose ourselves, & why would we?
  We (meaning everyone on the planet) has issues. Do most of us announce them, no. I'm sorry if you or your child is confused with your gender, I really am, but I don't feel that it is in the best interest of my grade school aged Daughter  to see someone in a restroom setting who clearly does not belong there. Her safety & well being are being invaded. She should not have to give up her right to privacy in a restroom because of you. Things have gotten out of hand. End of rant.....

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