Monday, May 30, 2016

Decoration Day 2016

   When I was a child Memorial Day was still referred to as Decoration Day by old timers. It was a day to pack a picnic & go to the family cemetery & pay your respects. Jim & I are trying to teach this respect to Chicken Chick. None of our people are buried close, except my dear FIL Max. Yesterday Chick & I spent a couple of hours in a local country cemetery visiting a very dear friend who passed away many years ago & looking for stones that people had requested be photographed. She asked alot of questions & I answered them as well as I thought a 6 yr. old could understand. She found flowers that had blown away from a grave & she gently placed them on the grave of a child who died in 1955. She saw a family who were visiting a newly dug grave who were very sad & I told her that we had to show respect by being very quiet as we walked by them. Today Jim & I took her to the cemetery where his Dad is buried along side other WW11 vets. There were hundreds of American flags, one in front of every stone. It's quite the sight to see those flags each year. She & her Dad placed the flowers for Max & cleaned off his stone. We told her it is important to keep the stone clean.We want her to come away with the thought that Memorial Day is to remember all of those who have come before us & to keep their memory alive by showing our respect for them.
   So now, later in the day I opened up a bottle of homemade wine, made a toast to my two winemakers in heaven, thought of my sweet Grandmother & did some remembering....

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