Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chicken Chick's First Quilting Project

  Chicken Chick is a child that has to be busy all the time, so thinking of summer craft projects & having them ready to go was a big job in the spring. We started getting everything ready & found a big container to store all of it. She loves to scrapbook so there are more paper, stickers & fancy scissors than one home needs, two weaving looms, rubber band crafts, coloring books, markers, crayons & two blanket projects. Being only 6 we needed to find some way for her to understand the process  so I figured a tied floor quilt would be the easiest for her to do.
   We went to the fabric store & she found a panel for a baby quilt. It is the perfect size at 36"x 45". She picked out a light purple for the backing & I cut everything to fit. She put the batting on top of the back, then added the top. I helped her pin it together & then she knotted the whole thing. I finished it off by doing a simple binding. It took no time at all to get this done & it gave her a simple lesson in basic quilt making. Her next project is a kit to make a knotted fleece blanket.

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