Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Teaching Your Children To Fly

  Right outside my front window this little guy has been doing his best to get the nerve to fly. Mom & Dad have been trying to coax him along. Mom stood over him urging him to do it as Dad sat in the grass not far away keeping an eye on his family. Most of the day he sat perched, then got up & stood for about an hour. Not long after I got this picture he flew over to the nearest tree.I saw Mom & Dad in that tree waiting on him, and they realized he would have to do it himself.
   It's like that when you have to let your kids fly. You pray that they will do well & not mess up too much. If they do you pray they can learn from it & be able to go on. Sometimes they do, sometimes not. Some don't get the chance.
   As Parent's we do the best we can. Once our Children leave home they have an idea of how they want to have their lives to go. As Adults they make their own choices & have to live with those choices. The best we can do is sit in the nearest tree & watch them jump & fly for the first time.

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