Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's Almost School Time Again

  I do not know where this summer has gone to. July just started & now it's about over. There has been so much to do & I never seem to get caught up.Canning has taken up part of the month & I am grateful for that. I guess those 20 tomato plants were a good idea after all. The cucumbers haven't done so well this year. Cabbage was a good crop, as well as peas. Peppers, not so much. Onions & potatoes were fantastic. Every year is a new gardening experience.
  All of Chicken Chicks school supplies are in her new backpack & ready to go.Winter supplies if not bought are on the list. Propane is in the tank. Wine is aging.
  I have never been a big fan of hot weather. Fall is the time of year that I really enjoy.The only thing is that as I get older fall seems to come around faster every year. Pretty soon we'll be indoors for winter unless we have another one like last year. There was never enough snow to sled on. All kids need a few snow days to unwind.
  So, I'll keep adding to the list. I need to get all of the blankets down & washed. Maybe next week... I now have more tomatoes to can.

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