Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Just A Usual Tues. Morning

  I got up this morning ready to make spaghetti sauce & can it. Of course life had other plans. We have a Family member who has dementia. They were having an issue & it was something they felt had to be dealt with immediately. If you know someone with dementia you know about the confusion, demanding & hatefulness that can happen. Anyway, the panic call came in & I was in the middle of putting jars in a water bath. I could not leave the house & drive into town to attend to the problem. Sauce was cooking on the stove, filled jars were in the canner. I could not leave. This made them upset because I could not drop what I was doing. Thank goodness my Husband could go. He realized as soon as he got there that there was major confusion going on & that this was not going to be a good day. There are days like this one & they seem to be coming more & more. It's very sad & upsetting at times to see someone slip. Now a few hours later I called to see how they were doing & everything seems fine, like nothing happened. It is very draining to say the least. The canning is done for today. 18 pts. of chunky sauce. Good & spicy. It will be great on a homemade pizza this winter. Is it too early for a glass of wine?

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