Friday, August 19, 2016

I Don't Know How It Happened But The Playroom Is Clean!

Hoarder child came home from school today & I told her we'd go somewhere special tomorrow if we could work as a team & clean the nightmare that is the playroom. I am not above bribery. She actually got right to work & 1 hr. later we had a 1/2 trash can full of "crap". Broken toys, pieces of torn paper, you name it, we dumped it. I do not know what got into her today that made her so cooperative, but we can now walk thru there without falling over things. I have spoken of my hoarder family before. I am not so it drives me crazy. My husband freely admits he has a problem, but the 6 yr old usually just gets upset if she thinks she has to get rid of anything. It will probably stay clean a few days & then be a mess again, but I am going to enjoy not stepping on Littlest Pet Shop animals for awhile.

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