Monday, August 29, 2016

What The Hell Is Wrong With Us?

  I really don't understand people anymore. Good manners have become a thing of the past.The world is a hateful place, Our politicians act like a bunch of bully school children,wars are fought in the name of being holy, children starve & die & we as a planet full of hopefully some sane & intelligent people let all of this happen.
  Sure, bad things happen in life. I know that fact all to well,but when bad things happen because they are not stopped & let to go on & on that's what I can't understand.
  We all see every night on the news of the terrible suffering going on. As long as most people are not affected by it it doesn't sink in. 9-11 was a horrific event, but as time has gone on people have become complacent & use to events just like it. It's like the whole world is a war zone.
  Politicians lie & we elect them anyway. Most have no morals & would sell their soul to the devil. They spend their time making sure we are all politicially correct & in the meantime we have hungry kids & combat vets with real problems.
  It use to be that Police were respected. If you were told to stop & you didn't you had to pay the price. Authority means nothing. Rape,steal, murder, sure, go ahead, you think you are above the law. Act like a thug.You deserve a kick in the ass.
  I worry about how we act as a civilization. We're so worried about the newest cell phone coming out & not about our neighbor who is struggling to feed her kids.It should not be about status, but kindness & trying to be a decent human being.
  Sure, I know this is not 1950, but at the rate we are going we are going to implode.It's happening more & more everyday. Everyone needs to slow down & remember, we've only got one shot at this & we're not doing a good job.We won't get a second chance.

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