Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Getting Ready For Winter

      I am a person who plans at least 1 season ahead. In late spring I am already planning for fall. Christmas gets bought in summer & right around Thanksgiving I start planning the next years garden. This year I have been moving a little slower but have been trying to keep to my schedule.
     Christmas is bought. We only buy for Chicken Chick & my Husband & I usually don't get each other anything. Our gift is a nice calm day & maybe a drive in the country.
      Canning & brewing are done & the bounty is stored in the pantry. Propane & wood are ready.Hats & coats are clean. Craft supplies are stocked. My winter knitting is sitting out.
       There are a few jobs left to do. I am working on cleaning out the garden a little at a time & my flower beds are in terrible need of some work. The basement is a disaster as usual & I'd love to have some help cleaning it but it's not worth the battle.
        I actually like winter & look forward to it. Of course since I am on the property all of the time I don't have to get out in bad weather so I am very lucky to be able to stay in. I am as ready as I can be & am looking forward to the first cold morning.

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