Monday, October 10, 2016

Election Time 2016

    As I have said before I am not a very political person. I have lost my faith in both parties. They tell us what we want to hear, but it always seems that not much gets done.What makes this election so much worse is that no matter how we vote we are in a dire predicament. Our options of who we pick are as big of a joke as how we are seen by the rest of the world.
    We have spent so much money taking care of everyone else that we have forgotten our own. Some of the countries we help would love to wipe us off the the face of the planet all the while holding out a hand for their share. In the meantime old people go without so they can afford medicine.
    We have become so politically correct that we feel we can't express a thought without being labeled a racist. Our streets are overrun with drugs & thugs & we're suppose to let it happen.
    My Daughter & I must now share a bathroom with boys & men. What the hell? How do I explain it to her, & why should I have to?
    We have mentally ill people who desperately need help & those that love them are in need of support. It should be openly offered, but instead you have to hunt for it.
    There are people who refuse to work & do everything in their power to get in on the houndouts while the rest of us work like dogs & try to pay our always increasing taxes & bills. It's getting to where there is no middle class. Children are hungry & some only eat at school because there's no food at home.
    I do not think that either Clinton or Trump are going to be good for us. How in the world did we ever get to where these two are who we have to pick from?

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