Thursday, October 27, 2016

Preps For Bathroom Stuff If There Is No Power Or Water

   I know, this is not anyone's favorite subject, but we all have to go, like it or not. Since we are on a well if the power goes out the pump doesn't work. If Jim is not home to get a generator going the only water we have is what we have stored. Granted, we do have a fair amount, but in a long term situation we will need it for drinking & cooking not to flush the toilet.
   I have gone for 8 days in the middle of winter with no power or running water. Not a situation I remember as being a good time. There had been a terrible ice storm & we somehow made it home from Ar. Thank goodness we could leave the kids there & deal with the mess that we came home to.
   My preps have always included food & water, but this spring I tried to figure out a good way to be able to have a toilet if we needed to do something different.
    Bass Pro sells a toilet seat with a lid for $17. I have seen them online at many sites. I have a supply of Home Depot 5 gallon buckets that I use for everything from washing laundry with a plunger to food storage. The lid fits perfectly on the bucket I picked to be the potty. Inside I put a box of large trash bags, toilet paper, baby wipes, kitty litter & a few Wal Mart bags.
   I know it's not ideal, but better to be prepared than have to try to go outside in bad weather.
   I also have bought waterless bath soap & dry shampoo. If you can do your bathroom duties it goes a long way in keeping a better mood if you are stuck inside,

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