Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bittersweet Thanksgiving

     Thanksgiving for me is very bittersweet. As the years went by I was in charge of drinks & dessert after everyone had gone elsewhere for dinner. This was fine to me since I wanted to make the holiday as stress free as possible for everyone. There just happened to be one who wanted his Mom to make the full dinner every I did. When he showed up Jim made sure there was Pabst beer in the fridge & I had tons of food to eat & take home. He would bring every tupperware bowl he had to fill up on the mega food I fixed. enough for him to eat on for several days. We'd listen to Alice's Restaurant  & laugh, drink & eat. It was our day, every year until it was no more....
    I caught myself cooking way too much this morning & actually saying outloud "he's not going to be here, you don't need so much food". I started to cry. I have cried several times during the day even as I type this I am sobbing.
    I am thankful for the good times that were & the good times to come, A Mother's heart never heals & there are days that the tears come easily. This is one of those days. Hug your children & be thankful.

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