Wednesday, November 30, 2016

O.K. Winter, I'm Ready

    It's the last day of November, the Christmas decorations are up, the house is ready for winter. So far we have been very lucky. Yesterday it was near 60.There are still leaves on some of the trees & the grass is still green & mine really needs mowing.
    I need winter to start. It is my downtime. This year has been so busy with my Husband having three surgeries & daily keeping up with a just turned 7 year old that I need some time to decompress.
    We got our first Christmas card in the mail today. That means it's suppose to be Winter. I want snow & cold, just long enough to grow tired of it then it can go away. Just long enough for me to finally get my shawl knitted. Just long enough for my Daughter to get some snow days where she & her Dad can get the sled out & come in cold & drink hot chocolate. Just long enough for us to have a white Christmas. After that it can go away & thoughts of spring planting will be on my mind.
    So, come on Winter, I'm ready. Get with it!

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