Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Remembering Shoot

   Today is my Grandpa Shoot's 102nd Birthday. Of course he has been gone for 30 years, but I miss him terribly. You would have never met a kinder man. Known as Shoot by everyone his actual name was Elmer. I told him that I wanted to name my Son after him & he ask me why in the world I'd name a child Elmer & I told him his middle name Wilson was what I wanted to use for one of my Son's middle names. He had two.That seemed to be alright with him.
   I only saw him mad a few times in my life. I am his oldest Grandchild by his only child, my Mother so I always felt that special closeness with him & my Grandmother. She was the "older woman" by 4 months. They were a pair.
   He was the one who got me interested in making wine. The Man could make some killer wine with Welch's Grape Juice. It would knock you on your butt.Even when I was a child he'd let me have a small glass of Mogan David at Christmas time. My Son ended up being my co-wine maker so we kept the family tradition going. I never bottle any wine without raising a glass, to he & my Son.
   Shoot got brain cancer & had surgery in 1986. While he was in the recovery room from having such major surgery I went in to see him & he asked me if I needed any money to make the long drive home. Even then he was thinking of me, just like I think of him today.

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