Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tea Wine

 This morning I started a new batch of wine. I heard of a book called 'Easymade Wine & Country Drinks' by Mrs.Gennery-Taylor written in 1964 in England. In it there is a recipe for wine tea & I figured why not try it? Yesterday I soaked 1# of raisins in boiling water & made 1 gal strong tea with 20 tea bags & let it steep in a sunny window all day. This morning I mixed the raisin water, tea, 4# sugar, 2 TBS. lemon juice together & added enough water to have 2 gal. in my primary bucket. As soon as it warmed a bit I added 2 crushed campden tablets. It will sit covered till tomorrow when I will then add the yeast & yeast nutrient. Warm spot, 3 weeks, strain off, put in 2 - 1 gal. glass jars with airlocks & let it set. We'll see how this goes.

Update: 11-16-16 Tea wine is bubbling away sitting in the warm pantry. It took the yeast a full day to activate, but once it did it really took off.

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