Monday, December 19, 2016

Bomb Threat At School

   This morning both my Husband's & my cell phones were ringing at the same time as well as the home phone. On the other end was a recording informing us & all other Parent's in the district that there was a bomb threat at our local middle school. It looks like the ugly world is here in our small town.
   We always hoped that this kind of crap would stay away from us, but we are like everywhere else. No one is immune to it anymore. Thank goodness nothing was found, but it's all to common now & you never know when there is going to be a real issue or if it's a hoax.
   Do I get my first grader a cell phone so if she is in a situation she can call home, or we can check on her if we get a warning? Good grief, I never thought I'd even be thinking of getting her one for several years. This might end up being an option. This is too much for this old Woman. The world is no longer a warm fuzzy place.

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