Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Getting Ready For Christmas

    I finished the last of the doll sleeping bags & pillows this morning, thank goodness.I use to make at least one quilt every Christmas but I no longer do it,  Smaller sewing projects are easier & take up much less work area in my already stuffed house. Add a tree & all of the decorations, along with all of the Littlest Pet Shop things that are always on the floor & it gets pretty crowded.
    I finished all of my shopping months ago. I hate it. I pick things up starting in the summer & by fall all of Chicken Chicks stuff is bought.
    This week I am starting on the food part of the festivities.Yesterday was the biggest bunch of chex mix that I have ever made. 4 gal. size bags. Later today will be turtle candy & chocolate covered peanuts.I want to get this stuff done so next week I can start on the meal. Chick Chick & I went over our menu last weekend & she wrote me a grocery list. Not bad at all for a first grader. She is in charge of some of the meal, she does fruit salads & her favorite thing to make is my Grandma's 5 cup salad. She's been making it since she was 4. She also bakes cookies. At least she'll be able to feed herself after I'm gone.
    Gift bags have become my friend. My BFF got me hooked on them years ago & since I reuse them year after year I still have some from the early 90's. It's not unusual to see a few Birthday ones under the tree Christmas morning. I don't think my family cares. I could always remind them that it is Jesus' birthday so that's why there are birthday bags there.
    Here's wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season no matter how you celebrate. Here it's Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Let's all hope that at some point there will be peace on earth & we'll stop killing each other.

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