Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thelma & Louise On The Road Again

   I am not normally a spontaneous person. Most things in my life take alot of thought & much time to pull off, so when I got a call from my BFF last week wanting to know if I wanted to go on a two day trip to KC I had to tell her that altho I would love to go with it being just a couple of days until Christmas I didn't think I could.
   As the day went on & I thought about it I thought why not & I said something to my Husband & somehow it worked to where he was going to be here & my Daughter loves spending time with just she & her Daddy so the plan was made. Within 12 hrs.we were on the road......with just one catch.
   BFF had to work that day & so it went like this. Drive from SW Mo. to KC, drop me off somewhere so she could go to the office, then head to Des Moines,Iowa, again drop me off somewhere, go to that office, drive back to KC. So here's what really happened.
   The drive to KC was great,we got caught up on our gabbing, we got to Lee's Summit & she dropped me off at a Panera Bread & told me she'd be back in 20 min. Let me say & this is not a secret, that she has never been on time in her life so I should have known that I was going to be on my own for awhile. I ate a bit & then went to a shop next door called Home Furnishings. This was a great place to spend some time. Remember I was only suppose to be on my own for 20 min.....over an hour later my ride returned. During all of this I had become friends with the Women in the shop & they wanted to put me to work. One hugged me as we left. So now we were on the road to Ia.
   We get to Des Moines, she drops me off at a very busy Bed Bath & Beyond. It is only 2 days til Christmas & the place is packed. When she told me she wouldn't be long I had my doubts..... I was correct.....
   THEN we are finally on our way back to KC. It was dark when we were driving by the downtown area & for this country girl who doesn't stray away from home much it was quite the sight. BFF likes to stay on the Plaza & we had a room at the Raphael with a view of the Plaza all decorated with lights.I have stayed with her here before. This hotel is beautiful & breakfast room service is quite a treat. Not something I am use to. Breakfast in my house is far from me being waited on.
   We did some shopping at an amazing toy store that I fell in love with on our last trip called ZOOM. The next morning we got up to room service breakfast. BFF actually served it to me in bed. WOW! It was drizzly & cold, but that didn't stop us from going to an area called West Bottoms that is full of salvage & flea markets that put Springfield's to shame.  The Space at 1412 was a favorite as well as Restoration Emporium. We ran out of time but we could have easily spent at least one more day.
   As always I need to thank BFF. She gets me out of town & she knows I need it. I love her to the moon......PS, I forgot to mention the AMAZING late dinner we had at The Melting Pot. Fondue at it's best.


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