Thursday, January 12, 2017

Let's Stop Having Grandparents Day In School ASAP

   I am all for Grandparents. I loved mine more than I can explain. They were the best & I even named 2 of my Children after them, but this thing of having a Grandparents Day at school is the oddest thing I have heard about. When my Grandsons were younger I attended every year, but I remember the look on the kids faces who did not have a living or a living close Grandparent & how sad they were when they had no one to show their papers & classroom to.
   Now that I have a first grader again I am struggling with this Grandparent Day thing. Her Grandma who lives close is 86. My Parents are in Az. & we live in Mo. There will come a time very soon that close Grandma won't be able to attend any longer. I do not want my Daughter to be one of the kids who has no one to come.
   Who in the world came up with this? I am almost tempted to keep her home that day. School has become more than a place to learn. We have pajama day, crazy hair day, crazy sock day, Grandparents day & so much more. Things have really changed since I sent my first child to school in 1977. This is one of the reasons we really thought of Homeschooling. If we hadn't worried about her not having interaction with other children we would be, & then there would be no worries about such a stupid thing that our schools have put on us.

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