Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dad/Daughter Dinner Date

   Last night our school district had it's annual Father/Daughter dance. My crew went last year, but when the flyer came home a few weeks ago neither one of them seemed too interested in going stating there was too much noise & it was terribly crowded. Dad wanted her to still feel like they had gone out so the plan was made. They would go out to dinner together & I would do their picture before they left just like I did last year. She wanted to wear a skirt since she wore a floor length dress before.
   I took their picture & off they went. As they were going down the drive I thought what a good Dad Jim is & how she has turned in to a really cool kid. She won't be a kid for too many more years so that is what makes these kind of events so special. I have an hour of quiet & I do not have to cook dinner tonight.....

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