Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Is This Real Medicine?

   I guess I do live in the past, especially when it comes to something as important as health care. I was very lucky to meet a Man in 1972 who would not only be our family Dr.,but became a friend & mentor.
   A.S. was a very caring Man who always followed up on every case to make sure that everything was alright. I could call him day or night if one of us was sick. One of my children  always got very high fever's that sometimes lasted for days & after so many emergency room visits he made sure I knew what to do & had everything I needed. He'd say "you can do this Denise" no matter what the situation was & it gave me the confidence to take care of my families medical needs more & not rely on having to get somewhere if there was an issue. More times than not if one of us came down sick I would call him, tell him what was going on & he'd call in meds. or give directions on what to do. No waiting for days to get into the office. He made sure I had supplies on hand at all times
  When he retired in the mid 1980's we were still friends who would run into each other at the book store sometimes & he was always make sure to ask how the kids were & ask if we needed anything.That was long ago & things have sure changed.
   Now there seems to be no more personal interaction with any of the Dr's we go to. There was a medical test this week that was a very big deal. Instead of the Dr. who preformed it calling or at least someone from his office it was left to the primary's office to call & instead of details the conversation was more like "your test results are good, but let us know if you still have problems." OK, something must be causing the ongoing issues. Don't you think we ought to dig further & see what might be causing them? It's almost like we are suppose to not only diagnose  but also heal ourselves.
   As my Husband & I age we are going to have more & more things go wrong. We do our very best to take care of ourselves, but if & when we do need a Dr. it would be nice to feel like they are at least concerned & not rushing us thru. Is this what medicine has become?

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