Sunday, March 5, 2017

First Tornado Warning Of The Year

   This last week while I was computer-less we had our first bout of severe weather. Since this has been another strange winter with barely any cold weather & only a dusting of snow it is not surprising. My Bradford Pears have been bloomed out for over a week, already giving out the terrible smell that they have while the flowers are so pretty. The yard could probably use a good mowing  & I did hear someone off in the distance doing it yesterday.
   Since spring seems to be here so early this year I made it a point to make sure that we are ready for storm season. In tornado alley we get get use to the storms & I pretty much wasn't scared until the Joplin, Mo. tornado a few years back. It's less than an hour west of here & after it hit Joplin I watched on radar as it headed this way. My Husband was trying to get home from K.C. & he had to keep stopping to get out of the weather. That was one time I was thankful for cell phones. I could keep him updated on how it was going.
  This week I replaced batteries in all of the flashlights & weather scanner, The "hidey-hole" was cleaned out & stocked. I took inventory of anything we needed to get in case we were without power.
   Hopefully we will never see another storm so violent so close to us, but being prepared is necessary at all times.

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