Sunday, March 5, 2017

For No Other Reason Than It's a Very Cool Picture

   I came across this local picture a few days ago. It is of Galloway, Mo. It is now part of Springfield. Years ago it was a thriving community. There is a beautiful park across the street from this building which is still standing & for many years was a flea market.
As usual, with progress this little town about dried up. It had turned into an antique shopping area & had several eating spots. Then the new highway came in & limited access from one side & alot of the business moved out. Since then a few bars, a Vet, apartments & lots of new homes have been the majority of what is there now.
   There was a bar called Half-A-Hill that us Northside Springfield kids would go to since no matter what your age it wasn't a problem to get in to. There's now a recycling center there. As our cities grow they destroy the outlying areas & before long most of the charm is gone.

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