Monday, March 27, 2017

Summer Home Schooling

  Busy is an understatement this time of year. 3 different gallons of wine are brewing, garden starts are growing on the porch, yard work started as of today & school for the summer is being planned.
  We do not stop with the schoolwork in the summer months. We do it a little different than most. Our Daughter attends public school & we also home school. We feel she needs the interaction with other's her age, but do not look forward to head lice, snotty noses & the endless request of our time & money. We needed to figure out something that worked for my Husband & myself as well as Chicken Chick. Weekdays during the school year she attends school & we pray she keeps away from the sickness & lice. During the weekends & summer we home school. We started out teaching her at home when she was 3 & it is still our preferred way for her to learn. If we lived closer to town & had friends with kids her age it would be different, but we don't so we had to compromise.
   I have all of my 2nd grade books ordered & on the way, we have art supplies galore & DVD's that will teach as well as entertain. We'll work in a little yoga to relax & each week she & I will go on a field trip of some kind. Of course gardening is a big part of our teaching. Those life skills will someday come in very handy. She likes to stay busy & this way she is learning as well as being occupied. I hope for the day that she can be home schooled year round, but for now this works for us as a family.

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