Thursday, April 27, 2017


   Yesterday was the start of our local twice a year book sale. Hundreds of thousands of books, vinyl, DVD's & audio books. My Daughter & I call it bookapalozza. As I have said before to she & I it is a national holiday worthy of playing hookey from school. She already has a few hundred books of her own and  I have never seen a child her age read as much as she does.
   Every year it is interesting to see what we come home with. For me year before last was homeschooling books & cookbooks, she was in to picture books. Last year was historical fiction & her early readers. This year she's getting in to chapter books & she even picked one out on children survival in case of SHTF. I ended up with historical fiction again & I got a couple of gardening books.
   When I am gone she will have quite the library. She told me last night that she wished we were able to go in to the book sale just the two of us & have all the time we wanted & pick out all the books that we wanted. Yes, I wish that too. We'll just have to wait until the Fall sale & do it again.

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