Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dementia Hell Strikes Again

   Yesterday was suppose to be the day that I had set aside for a week to get the garden in, but no it did not happen. Dementia Hell struck again......
   I swear, some days I don't know if our 7 yr. old or the 86 yr. old is the easier to get along with. This past week the 86 yr. old has had some real issues. I took the brunt of the anger & listened to her scream at me thru the phone, but still took her to the Dr. & tried to remember that someday I will be her age.
   Dementia is a terrible thing. Half the time she can't remember, the next minute she'll tell the same thing that she told 2 minutes ago. It is exhausting.I came home last night mentally worn thin. Being in the between age group with youngsters at home & dealing with aging Parent's is so hard. I am 60 so I have my own health issues to contend with as well.
   Time will tell how we end up with her declining memory. She's now starting to fall & it poses a new issue. I made sure that I got outside as soon as the sun was up this morning & I got the whole garden done by 10am. It felt so good not to have to answer the phone or deal with anyone else's drama. I ought to make a sign to put on my garden gate. Drama Free Zone.

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