Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I Am So Ready To Get The Garden In

   Between the rain & trying to recover from a very strange leg injury that has kept me on crutches & using a cane for the last month I have not been able to get my garden in. I have been frustrated to say the least. All of my starts are on the front porch & seem to be doing well, but they would sure be happier if they were in the ground. There are also 25 strawberry plants to get planted since our patch died off last year. I had wanted to have it in a different spot anyway so it was really not an issue.
   I have been wanting to look for morels, but worried about getting out in the woods & tripping.It's the perfect time to go & I miss it. So, until I can get out & move around more freely I will just sit on the porch, listen to the birds & smell the lilacs that are blooming all around my yard....all started from a bush Jim gave me for Mother's Day years before we were married.


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