Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Life As We Know It In Our Family

   Well, my MIL gave up her car today. We went in & picked it up this morning. We always hoped she'd decide it on her own. It's been something that has needed to be done for quite some time. Her dementia is getting worse & she's confused so she did not need to drive. She only went to the bank & grocery store within a mile. She had started leaving the keys in the car & it turned on AUX. The battery was always running down & one of us would have to go to town & put the car on the charger. Don't even get me started on her messing up the TV remote & then randomly pushing buttons. It sometimes happens several times a week & again, a trip to town is necessary
   She cried as Jim was pulling out of the garage. She told me that her quality of life is gone now that she has fallen & has lost her independence. It's terribly sad. We hope that she can keep living by herself, but the day may come where she has to go into assisted living. We'll do whatever we can to keep her at home. She has been a great friend to me(even when she is screaming at me on the phone) & is a wonderful Grandmother to Chickenchick so I will help in any way I can.

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