Sunday, May 7, 2017

Replanting The Garden After The Rain

   After all of the rain everyone got last week we feel very lucky that we see green grass on out place, not water.  I hate mowing for 3 hours every week at least I had a yard to mow.
   The raised bed garden did not fare so well, but again, at least there is still a garden. Most of the plants we started over the winter & were doing so well before the rain did not survive. I lost my BIG Max pumpkin, the cukes that were 6" tall & starting to climb the trellis, cantaloupe & tomatoes. All that water even in a raised bed was too much.
   While Chickenchick & I were in town yesterday we made a stop to pick up more plants. We worked so hard this winter to start most of our own. I used it as a lesson for her to understand where our food comes from & it has been disappointing to have them in the ground & now have to replant.
   Tomorrow as soon as she is at school I'll get out & do it again, all the time thinking I am lucky to still have a garden & not be flooded out. There's more rain on the way Wed.

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