Friday, June 9, 2017

Busy Pre Summer Season

   I feel like I haven't slowed down a bit since Chick has been out of school. We started  Homeschool this week  & even went on a photography field trip mid week.She has a summer art project she has started & her pictures will be included in it.
   The garden is finally starting to grow. We have been getting lettuce & kale so far & since I could not find a taker for all of the extra tomato plants I ended up planting 14 instead of the 4 that I had intended on having. We are still eating on canned tomatoes from last year. I always give more away than we keep, but that's part of the joy of gardening.
   Chick, Thelma & I have a couple of short trips planned this summer & I am very much looking forward to that. Anytime Thelma & I get away we have a great time & now that Chick is older we are going to start including her on a few. Not all mind you, Thelma & Louise need some adult time too.
   MIL not doing so well. I have actually had to step back from the situation & try to get others to get involved. I realized that trying to take care of her as well as my own family was wearing on me & I needed to do something before I am completely worn out. I can only do so much & my 7 yr old needs me.
   Next week I start pricing garage sale stuff. I swore I'd never have another one but I feel crowded in our house & everyone seems to be on board so we're going to do it. The only problem is that Chick loves garage sales & she will replace all the stuff she'll sell with new so we'll probably not be ahead, just have the same amt, just different. Even hoarder Dad is all for it. Now that's scary!

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