Friday, June 23, 2017

Trying To Live Minimal In A Non Minimal Society

   I have come to a crossroads in my life. I think the upcoming garage sale that we are trying to get together has been part of it & also the thought of Gardenchick & Jim having to sort thru my things when I am gone. Just because it means something to me doesn't mean it will to them.
   My family are hoaders. When Jim & I got married we had very little in the way of possessions & we liked it that way. Enter Gardenchick, & all the 'STUFF' that kids think they need now days & Jim with 3 shop buildings full to the rafters as well as the basement. We are drowning in crap.
   There is furniture that we will never use, inherited items we thought we just had to keep & assorted things that we just don't need or use anymore. Why is there so much?
   I am very lucky to have come across a site Joshua Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus are the force behind this podcast site. I try to listen to at least one everyday & more times than not I will be making a pile of something to get rid of as I listen.
   My questions are - why do we as a society think we need so much? Does it make us happier, or more stressed? Do we need to be in debt for our whole lives just to have alot of stuff our family has no idea what to do with when we die? Bigger homes, shinier cars, the newest this what makes us better? Not this tiny family. I am well on my way to getting us out from under the piles & I am going to use the money on a small project on our house we have needed to do for years.
   The hoarding I am sure will still go on in some degree, but toned down. We do own a business & with the homestead there certain things we just cannot get rid of, but all the excess will go. Less to take care of, less to clean, more room to move around in our small house. Works for me.

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