Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Yard Sale That Did Not Happen

     After collecting assorted junk & good stuff & planning part of the summer at the very last minute I decided not to have a yard sale. It's actually a good thing, one reason being it rained like crazy the two days I had planned & it was going to be outside. The other reason being I just had no desire to do it, plain & simple. I could not make myself price this stuff, so I planned a new strategy. I sorted all of it into piles. Books (well over 100, mostly hardback), clothes to take to the resale store, clothes to donate, glassware to recycle & items to sell online. We hauled the books to town & donated them to the library book sale that Chick & I are so fond of. I sold many things online & didn't do bad at all & could actually do it at my convenience.  We made several trips in to town with the truck full of donations.
   It has really felt good & productive to get rid of so many things. This is just the start of it. I have the hang of online selling so I will continue to do it when I come across something to sell. Not only are we downsizing, we are making a little money & not having to stress. A big added bonus is now I can see the garage more piles!

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