Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Turning A Fieldtrip Into A Homeschool Experence

   Gardenchick has a thing for the movie "Titanic". She has watched it at least 20 times, except for a few scenes I fast forward through. She says it is one of her "to go to movies". Over the summer we made a plan to go to the Titanic Museum in Branson, Mo. for a field trip.
   After some internet searching we came up with information that a 7 yr. old would understand & we were on our way.
   The museum was very interesting & it kept her attention, especially when she came to the water you can dip your hand into that is the same temp. the ocean water was. In just a few seconds her hand was hurting. Of course she had to get a couple of things at the gift shop & as soon as we got home we ordered several books about the Titanic online & she wanted to watch the movie AGAIN on Netflix.
   Anytime we can keep her attention on a subject we do all we can to find out information & make a study plan. We worked on this one for a week & she not only enjoyed it but learned more about a historical time. She already has her next field trip planned & we will go on it sometime this fall. We love that she is so eager to learn.