Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I Am Anything But The Hipster Mom & That's OK

   LONG gone are the days of being the "cool Mom". I am now the "Old Mom" who really at this point does not care if I am ever a cool Mom again. When my first child started school I was young enough to be mistaken for her Sister, when my second started I was in my mid 20's ( typo on my part, I was actually in my early 30's) & had energy to spare. When we adopted our third I was well into my 50's & any kind of energy level was a thing of the past.
   I drive to her to her after school activities & while the other Parents spend the time on their phones I am usually knitting. Play dates, birthday parties, classes..... it seems we are away's on the go & that's after a full day around here. Yes, I am tired.
   Parenthood is a 24 hr. job, never a day off. The car is packed with everything we need at all times. It is our second home. Our trips to town are planned to do many things while we are there. I hate to shop so getting in & out of stores is a breeze unless I have Chick with me & then we have to look at everything. Did I mention that I hate to shop?
   Any more I feel lucky to have dinner on the table before I drop. My hipster Mom days are over & that's OK. Now I need a short nap.....