Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year - New Goals

     After laying low this last year to let my health improve I am now ready to get 2018 started. School is back in session so I have an extra minute or two to think.
     The garden is a major focus. I want to grow more of the things we like & less of things that have not gone over so well like asparagus. I finally got a patch going & then realized no one even likes it. We need more herbs, different kinds of tomatoes, lots of potatoes, tons of strawberries, more grapes,some raspberries & of course cucumbers & cantaloupe.
     I am also making things to sell on as well as Online sales & flea markets will be my target audience. The sites will be up in a few months.This has been a dream of mine for many years & now that Gardenchick is getting older I can devote more time to it. Am I crazy to try to start a business at 61? Probably so, but why not?

                                                              My Grandmother Murphy's store in Vienna, Mo.

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