Sunday, March 25, 2018

Quiet Sunday & I Hate Clover

   It's a chilly day here. I am listening to my 8 yr old Daughter & her girlfriend giggle their guts out. They are in the basement painting spring pictures. I set up the easels, got the paints out & made popcorn & pizza. She & I worked so hard planting berries yesterday we figured we needed a day of rest. The garden is a MESS! Clover has taken over & the more I pull the more there seems to be. I have never had this happen before.(Insert sad face) Trying to get it ready for planting is really going to be a chore this year. There is a week's worth of rain coming so it will be awhile until I can get out & work on it again. Bucket growing will probably be what I start doing in the future. I am still working on making life easier as we get older. Baby steps.....

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