Wednesday, March 7, 2018

This Is Our Year Of Change

   Even with the wind chill making the feel like temp in the mid 30's Jim & I spent part of the day working on our property. There was an old chicken coop attached to the back of one of our out buildings & it had to be 30+ years old. The roof caved in this winter so it was time to get it torn down. I had been needing some rusty barn tin for a couple of projects so I scored big time.It will be used around a jacuzzi tub & to cover the bar area in the kitchen. It has the perfect amount of rust & patina.
   This is going to be our year of change. is in the making, we are ditching cable TV for our Roku's, Mohu Leaf's, Netflix & Hulu, no more home phone & I have quit using the money pit dryer. I hate to admit it but I will not give up my dishwasher. I do alot of cooking & it is nice to not have to wash dishes.
   I have most of my garden seed started. I saved tin cans all winter to start the plants in. I bought grapes, blueberry & raspberry bushes & have a tulip tree & some daylilys all growing in my kitchen window.I am going to give Gardenchick part of my garden to grow her flowers. She especially wants to grow sunflowers. Along with her strawberry patch she will have her own spot to dig in the dirt.
    I need to get rid of the foxes & armadillos that have taken up residents on our place & get our flock going again. When we were tearing down the coop we found a large trap made out of fencing. It will get used very soon.
   Jim & I realize that as we are getting older we need to make things much more simple. Having an 8 yr. old keeps us on the go all the time, but we need to have a simple life when it comes to everything else. It's been a long time in the making but it is very important to do it now.

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