Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dandelion / Olive Oil Salve & 5 Gallons Black Cherry Wine

   Schools almost out for the summer so I am trying to get a few things done before next week. This morning I got my dandelion salve in containers. I gathered the flowers 2 weeks ago, let them dry out for a few days, covered them with olive oil, let it set in a dark cabinet, strained this morning  into a glass canning jar sitting in a pan of hot water, mixed in pure beeswax,  let it all melt together & poured in the containers.
   The black cherry wine I started on May 1st. is bubbling along nicely. I get a wiff of it's yeasty smell every time I go into the kitchen. It's going to given as Christmas gifts this year.
   I actually did my first Pop Up Flea market this last weekend as Blue Moon Farmstead Biz. I didn't do too bad & I came home with much less than I took. I'm still working on the web site for the business. Busy life has gotten in the way.
   The garden is doing well. Most things are planted in buckets or some kind of container this year & it really seems to be working well. Weeding the garden has become an issue so I needed a way to get as much yield as possible, but not have to do so much work. This old body has some major issues so I have to adapt.

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