Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring Stock Up & Garden Planting

   Just when I think I have everything under control & caught up I realize that nothing could be further from the truth. Along with spring comes the task of getting the garden in. I have planted almost everything in buckets & have downsized from 10+ tomato plants to 3. We don't even like tomatoes except for salsa so why do I grow so many? The potatoes are in one half of a  55gal. plastic water barrel, grapes in the other half. Cukes & peas are up enough to start climbing. So far the cut worms are leaving the cabbage alone. The strawberries are full of blooms & the raspberries & blueberries seemed to have made it thru a few cold snaps where I had to keep them covered for several days. Herbs are growing like crazy.
  I also started 5 gal of black cherry wine this week. It smells very yeasty & earthy in my kitchen. This is the first big batch I have made in a couple of years. I usually do 1 gal at a time, but I figured this way I'd get it done all at once.
 One of the most important things I have been doing is getting my medical kit restocked. I got raw honey for wounds, raspberry leaves & peppermint drops for stomach problems, turmeric for anti-inflammatory & oil of oregano for anti-fungal. A turmeric & honey mixture is good for arthritis as well as working to help digestion. I am in the process of making a dandelion salve for Gardenchicks dry skin.
  She & I played hooky last week & went to the bi-yearly Friend of The Library book sale so we are ready for summer homeschooling We also went with my BFF "Thelma" to Junk-a pa-looza so I have new projects in the making. Life is never dull, that's for sure.

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