Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cherry Brandy & There's A Snake In The House!

   It's been a whirlwind around here lately. I have been stocking up on my winter supplies, making salves, cherry brandy & chasing snakes out of the house.
   Tuesday started out as a usual shopping day. I went off to town to get more winter supplies. I stocked up on essential oils, tp/tissues/foil/baggies. Every time I go shopping I add to my pantry. Next time will probably be coffee/tea/gatoraid/juice.By fall we will have all of our supplies without feeling like I broke the bank by buying all at one time. I have done that in the past  it's much easier for me this way.
   When I got home I was getting the stuff out of the truck & into the basement & damn near stepped on a big old garter snake that was laying stretched out along the bottom of the door. I jumped, yelled SNAKE to my Husband & it moved along the back wall & went to the edge of the garage door where the rubber didn't quite go to the edge & slithered through the opening. OH GREAT, now we have a snake in the house. Our basement is open with areas I would not show the public. Order is not anywhere in the basement. Part storage, part living space. Chick even has a 3 person tent set up in the garage area, which by the way has not had room to have a car in it since 2011. Stuff galore! So here we are, trying to find the snake & figure out how to get it gone. Jim spotted it, we got the door up a bit & he swept it out, the fixed the spot it came in. Good Lord, I shiver to think what would of happened if it would have gotten in the tent.
   Crisis fixed, now it was time to start the cherry brandy. I took 4# cherry's, 1 1/2 large bottles of brandy, & 2 cups sugar & put them in a 1 gal glass jar with an air lock. I covered it & it's now sitting beside the 5gal. black cherry wine that I will bottle in a month or so. I let it steep for a month & strain. I'm sure I can find a use for the cherry's. There's nothing better than a small glass of this after being outside on a cold winter day to warm up.
   Chick & I have her school shopping done except for shoes. Summer is flying by & school will start again soon. We have been going to movies & flea markets & hanging out together. She's growing so fast & as long as she thinks it's cool to still hang out with Mom I will do all I can for us to spend time together.