Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cantaloupe Jelly & The Dog Days Of Summer

   I have spent about half of my life without air conditioning & seemed to do alright without it even after giving birth in one of the hottest summers on record. Now that I am older I cannot stand the heat. My Husband hates cold, I hate heat. This summer has been a scorcher. It started off hot & stayed that way. It's terribly dry & dusty & so we have kept the air on.
   The garden has not been as productive as I had hoped & with raised beds & buckets watering has been non stop.The only thing that has thrived has been cantaloupe. I have never had such a crop. I have already harvested all of the herbs. I picked all the carrots last week & dried them to grind into powder. We don't like cooked carrots, but I will add it to soup for the vitamins. 5 Gal.of black cherry wine is ready to bottle in the morning & the end of summer has begun.
   So, since the cantaloupe is producing like crazy I needed to find something to do with it. I found a southern recipe for Cantaloupe Jelly. It's a freezer jelly & very simple to make.I know it sounds odd, but it's worth a try. I will also be drying alot of cantaloupe next week. Gardenchick loves it as a snack. Every day is one day closer to Fall & I am really ready for it.
                                 2 large ripe cantaloupe, seeded & the rind cut off & diced (5 C. puree
                                 1 vanilla bean or 1 t. vanilla
                                 1/4 C. lemon juice
                                 3 C. sugar
                                 pinch of salt
                                 Spray a crock pot with non stick spray
                                 Puree the cantaloupe in small batches in a blender (I used my bullet blender, it
                                 worked great)
                                Add the vanilla bean or extract, lemon juice, sugar & salt
                                Cook on low for at least 4 hours
                                Spoon into freezer containers & freeze. Will last a week in the fridge

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